In times of economic crisis, understanding how mental health and money things are connected might help someone take control of their finances. Becoming more aware of how mental health and money are related can lead to them taking practical, constructive steps to better manage their finances.

Common Mental Health Issues Arising From Money Problems

Money problems can negatively…

Gold has been one of the most coveted precious metals starting in ancient times to early history and now, the 21st Century. Today, it is a trading commodity and popular among investors for investment opportunities and portfolio diversification. Before beginners dive into the gold market, they need to learn about…

For the past years, economists and analysts anticipated a recession. After many years of being concerned about the eruption of this possibility, investors began searching for safe havens to move their investments. One of the most traditional and effective methods to shift was hedging stock instability with gold. But there…

Though Bitcoin is discussed as a decentralized currency, it behaves more like a speculative asset. Qualities of a good currency include:

  • stability compared to other major currencies
  • apolitical issuing authority
  • recognition and demand by institutions and people

Though Bitcoin is thoroughly “apolitical” and is recognized by individuals and governments alike…

Bo Polny

Based out of Newport Beach, CA, Bo Polny is a cycles timing analyst specializing in the cryptocurrency and precious metals markets. Learn more @

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